Advantages and Disadvantages Ip Camera and Camera analog

maxresdefault (2)If you are looking to install security cameras in and around your house or business, the first question that comes to your mind is what type of camera you should install. Is an IP network camera the best choice, or should one opt for traditional, tried and tested analog cameras? To make the right decision you need to seriously look into the advantages and disadvantages of both and come to a fair conclusion.

The major difference between the analog and IP camera is the way in which the video signals are delivered. IP network cameras digitize the video signal using a specialized encoder that connects directly to IP networks and allow users to view, store and analyze full motion video from anywhere on the network via a standard web browser. Analog cameras turn the video signal into a format that can be received by a television or other receiver, such as a VCR or monitor.

Pros of IP Cameras

Better Wireless Reception – IP cameras are highly secure and encrypted and also need authentication

Photograph Flashlights in 360 Degrees

2016-Hot-D11V-W17-CREE-LED-font-b-Scuba-b-font-Diving-font-b-Photography-bWhat we needed to figure out was how to best present the flashlights since simply placing them on the 360 turntable was not expected to produce good results – we wanted to achieve a straight horizontal orientation of each object as if it was floating in the air while rotating in 360 degrees.

Our solution was this small DIY mini platform with two tiny stands made out of metallic paperclips that we then plugged into the piece of cardboard foam which was also wrapped into the sheet of white paper. The platform was measured and marked to identify its lines of symmetry such that we could always quickly align it with the center of our turntable (the equipment we decided to use here was the Ortery PhotoSimile 50 and the smallest Ortery turntable, PhotoCapture 360).


The cardboard stand was made just once and was reused for all items by moving the paperclip stands along the center line on the wrapped paper to support each product firmly. Some of the larger products would instead require a piece of white rubber in the front

Take Good Photos With Digital Camera

f0e7fd76a6dec2a8d90c60596787cf53Digital cameras has added a new dimension to the art of photography. With these clicking machines, taking a photograph and printing it has become quite easier. Plus, savings made on printing charges are an added advantage. However, there is a  misconception that taking photos from digital camera is all about clicking a button. This is not an acceptable fact. Photography is a creative art. Apart from the technical knowledge about the features of the digital camera, it is essential, that as the photographer you should have a different passion for it. The features of the digital camera can help you take a photo, but the beauty of the picture will ultimately depend on how you take it. So if you plan to take a giclee print of the pictures clicked, then make sure that the original one is flawless. This is essential for giclee printing as it creates exact replicas of the images with the use of ink jet printers. As such, here are some tips that can help you capture perfect moments with your digital camera.

·    Setting the tones

If you are

Tips and Tricks Photography Specially for Beginners

Both DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras can work fine for aerial shots. However, DSLRs allow more options for adjusting shutter speed, aperture, white balance, etc. A zoom lens will ofter more versatility and quality in the pictures. To get the best images when using a point-and-shoot, be sure to use only optical zoom and not digital to prevent shakiness caused by the buzzing aircraft.
Look for sunlight depending on the time and the kind of effect you need. Overcast skies will give you soft light and shadows, while clear skies at noon will give you brighter light with lesser shadows. This usually takes some practice before you can judge when the daylight will be optimal to shoot the object in the way you like.
Weather is important for all aerial shots, as all aircraft and drones are vulnerable to bad weather. Also, you may have to look for weather components such as fog and mist, which can either add or detract from your image. For most images, however, a clear dry sky is preferred.
Filters are rarely needed for aerial photos as they just tend to reduce picture sharpness. Use a fast shutter speed (1/1000 to 1/500 sec) to

Tips and Tricks Skill of Still Life Photography

Photography is a humongous art form that has various types of sections as per an individual’s interest. A few photography types would include fashion, nature, fine art, wedding, advertising, still life, portrait, architectural, travel, candid, macro, black and white, night, digital, nude, etc.

Still life photography gives a photographer the liberty and freedom to arrange the object in the way he/she wants. Let us focus on the basic criteria that needs to be kept in mind for this type of photography.

What is Still Life Photography?
One must have seen the wonderful pictures in the magazines and brochures, especially the ones where an ice cream or cherry looks so delicious that you feel like grabbing it immediately. It is the magic of still life photography that makes it look so life-like. This photography is the depiction of inanimate subjects or a group of objects, which can be creatively arranged in various ways.

Basics of Still Life Photography

Background Effect
One of the most important elements to be considered while taking a still life photo is the background. If you use the same backdrop for every story, it would look dull and boring and the final output

How To Underwater Photography

In the year 1926, the hogfish taking its daily swim through the azure waters off the Florida Keys in the Gulf of Mexico, would never have imagined that it would be captured on camera and would also be framed in the first underwater color photograph ever available. Dr. William Longley and Charles Martin (National Geographic staff photographer) used their cameras encased in waterproof materials to start a phenomenon, they could never have imagined.

Underwater photography is about unveiling a world that exists beneath the deep seas. To master this art, one would need to be an excellent swimmer and know the latest deep-sea diving techniques. It requires the use of special photography equipment and also an eye for detail. It offers numerous challenges and provides a whole new world of opportunities to the photographer. Apart from being highly skilled in swimming, an underwater photographer must also be mentally prepared to face all the challenges he/she faces in the deep waters. Unavoidable natural circumstances may occur wherein the photographer may have to rely on his instinct and attitude to squirm out of a tricky situation.

For this kind of photography, one must always remember that the medium the light

Editing Photos Tips

Editorial photography is a field that is crucial for every publication no matter what medium they feature in. Before dealing with the tips, let’s understand the significance of this particular photography first.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and photography serves as the perfect medium for these words. The beauty of a photograph is the fact that it isn’t merely another piece of art or some random words put together, in fact every single photograph is a moment forever preserved in time. Photography finds its place and is very much an integral part of many an industry, right from toy makers using it to sell their products, to super luxurious car makers selling their top cars. Photography isn’t just restricted to selling a product, but can also be a very powerful tool in trying to convey a message or to add to a message.

Editorial Photography

Photography which is not aimed at selling a particular product or intended to advertise anything commercial is called editorial photography. This field is rather vast and spans across almost all topics imaginable, right from still photography aimed at adding to the appeal of any literature or poem, to medical photography which

Better Product Photography

Do you own a restaurant or any business and wish to feature your own products on your website, flyers or any other material? What you need is professional product photography services. These services not only ensure the best shots are taken but that your business is perfectly captured in the photos. All in all, if you wish to do it on your own, there are a few things you must to do ensure you get the best shots.


Regardless of how powerful your camera is or how amazing your products are, poor lighting can easily tarnish the results. Lighting is the most important factor in photography. How great the lighting is will make a huge difference in the final output. When it comes to food photography (food fotografie), don’t just rely on natural light. Use reflectors and invest in gradient reflections on your products.


Your background is yet another thing that can add spunk to your product photos. You need backgrounds that can complement the product. A cool-looking background is essential in product photography (productfotografie). Do not just rely on computer generated or inserted backgrounds. Use real life backgrounds.

Professional camera

Photography Equipment Sevenoak Cam SK-Wo2 Stabilizer

Being a professional photographer, choose the excellent way to stabilize video – especially with newer lighter camcorders. Users always takes a ting bit of pratice to use, but when they get a “feel” for this portable “flying gimbal”- they realize how much more smooth they shots become. What’s more, this stabilizer is an excellent product at an excellent price. Highly recommended. Here more details about this video stabilizer are as follow.

The Sevenoak Cam Sk-W02 stabilizer which designed to reduce shake and stabilize video on compact cameras and lightweight camcorders up to 1KG. The SK-W02 features aluminum construction, comfortable handle grip, super-smooth gimbal, rubberized camera mount , bulit-in spirit level and addition 2pcs weight(180g), is a video stabilizer system with the weight, cameras can be easily balanced and keep stable while moving around. In addition, the SK-W02 video stabilizer can be used for smart phones when connecting with smart phone adapter. All these features make SK-W02 the most affordable full-featured stabilizer on the market.

Supports up to 1KG
handle grip with foam, very comfortable
Super-smooth gimble
Adjustable and addable counter weight
Spirit Level
Lightweight and compact
1/4″ screw for most cameras or camcorders
Ideal for

Bodyscape Photography

A woman walks into photographer Kim Keith’s studio. “I want to look beautiful,” the woman says before she takes off her clothes. Kim’s motto ‘every body’s beautiful’ is more than just a catchy tagline. Kim’s main photography focus is bodyscapes. She shoots in black and white working with lighting and angles to show people the abstract beauty in their bodies that they often overlook. She literally transforms bodies into landscapes that puzzle and intrigue the subconscious. She asks her clients two questions ‘what part of your body are you most uncomfortable with’ and ‘what part of your body, curve or line, do you or your significant other like the most.’ With those answers, Kim sets about capturing the parts, both good and bad. She does this to show people how to view the beauty in those parts of their bodies they see as ‘ugly.’

“It’s amazing how women describe their bodies,” says Kim “they use words like mutilated, mangled, scarred. They need someone outside of themselves to show their beauty to them in a totally different way, in a way where even they don’t know what they are looking at.”

Kim faced her own camera back

How To Sport Photography

Whether it’s a football, rugby, cricket, tennis or any other sports, capturing the action of any sports event could be a tremendous feeling for all concerned. However, have you ever pondered what you need to do to capture sports images that you see in the magazines and newspapers?

Here are top tips about sports photography for beginners by Sam Crawford. Hopefully Sam Photography Sydney can help you to improve sports photos exceptionally!

1. Get A Minimum Of 200mm Lens Or Zoom Range

A distance larger than 200mm is clearly plenty enough because it can permit you to reach near the action and while not having the ability to focus, you won’t be ready to separate any of your subjects. Use common beginner lenses to achieve better results.


2. Avoid Using Full Automatic Mode

This is a standard mistake done by beginner photographers. Sometimes, they’re going to set their camera in automatic mode or a pre-mode labelled ‘sports’ or ‘action’. Whereas it may look fine on some situations, to actually reach the next level you would like to use a semi-manual mode.

Videography to promote your product

Motion pictures as promotional tools are definitely more impacting than any other medium.  There are several ways to shoot the videos for the promotional and marketing purposes.  Most of the times the video shoots are on-ground because there is a cost involved to aerial videography.  However, if the organization has a business which requires the customers to have a good and detailed look at an arena or a particular area then aerial videography is very handy.  For instance, real estate businesses go for the areal motion pictures of their construction area to give their customers a wide view of it.  The companies which are not able to go for the aerial videography opt for the animated videos.  However, animated videos are not as impacting as the original ones.

Some tips to make the best out of aerial videography

There are some of the good videography providers use certain tips and tricks to make the aerial videography more impacting and effective.  For instance, the Best Singapore Aerial Videography Service delivers the kind of videos which are quite apt for the promotional needs of the organizations.  While it may seem that aerial videography or photography is quite easy,

how to identifying a Hawaii Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer can tell a story behind every picture in an unobtrusive way. The goal of a wedding photographer is to take amazing images by making everyone comfortable and bring about stunning, natural results.

aIf you are planning a wedding in an exotic location like Hawaii, then it is only fit to hire a Hawaii Wedding Photographer. Hawaii weddings are beautiful, memorable, and extravagant. Capturing moments of your Hawaii wedding is very important as it is the most celebrated and meaningful time of you and your partner’s life. It is only right to have every moment of it documented through photos.

Hawaii Wedding Photography is definitely a daunting and challenging task, as the photographer is responsible for capturing the scenic beauty of the location, given the fact that the wedding can take place near lush landscapes or pristine beaches, or a world-class resort or hotel. Before deciding on a photographer, here are a few tips that will help you identify a professional who is capable of taking pictures in any given setting, whether indoors or outdoors in a location like Hawaii:

  • The photographer must pay attention to detail and ensure the photos

How To Photographs Of Your Jewellery

If you are looking for jewellery exporters from India, Sterling Silver India is a great place for all of your jewellery finds. You can find a wide range of wholesale jewellery from Sterling Silver Jewelry Suppliesfrom India.

Techniques of Taking Photos of Your Jewellery

If you want to have good quality pictures of the jewellery you sell, there are some simple techniques you need to abide by. It is important to setup the jewellery correctly if you want achieve results that you can be proud of. If you use a light tent,it will soften the shadows of the pieces and eliminate glare but will give you a clean background.

Sharpness, Lighting and Exposure

The key to having great photographs of the jewellery that you sell is sharpness, lighting and exposure. If you have gemstones you are photographing, you want to make sure that they are going to sparkle in the photos. All of the photos need to be sharp and have a crisp focus. If you want to get those close-up shots of your jewellery, you are most likely going to have to get a camera with good manual focus feature on it.

Landscape and seascape photography

The wide angle lens are the necessity for all the photographers but when it comes to the landscape or seascape photographer, then it is even more required as it is an important tool which allow to take more than a thing in one photograph n if it is used correctly, it can actually help the viewer to feel that they are stepping into a photo itself. So let us see few tips which would help us to click good photos. Advantages of using wide lens The main benefit of the wide angle lens is that it can take the vast amount of the information in just single shot. Also the furthermost advantage of a wide angle lens is that it has a great depth of the field. If you require taking an image which is in the focus from a foreground to a background and you wish to take the scenery in the shot then you can use the wide angle lens. Disadvantages of using wide lens As a seascape or a landscape photographer, you should be aware of all the faults of your lenses. Wide angle lens are mainly prone towards vignetting, especially if you are heaping

Tips to improve your photos

1. Choose an interesting subject to photograph

One of the easiest ways to improve your photography is by taking photos of interesting subjects. Of course, you can take great creative photos of uninteresting subjects, but if you choose an interesting subject to photograph in the first place, it makes taking a great photo much easier.

So where do you find these interesting subjects? They can be found everywhere, from a stormy landscape, to a simple street scene, to a flower in your garden or local park.

Just take a walk around your local neighbourhood with your camera, and you’re sure to find something interesting to photograph.

2. Pay attention to the light quality

Something that has a big effect on how your photograph looks is the quality of light that is hitting your subject. There are two aspects of lighting that you need to pay attention to – the colour of the light and how harsh / diffused the light is.

Colour temperature

As a general rule, we tend to prefer photos with a warm (golden) tone. The warmest light naturally occurs around sunrise and sunset, and this is why many

Choose Wedding Photography Services

It is natural that you want to capture all the special moments in your upcoming wedding and that too beautifully. In that case, it is necessary to hire a professional wedding Photography services is very important. The following facts highlight the fundamental ways to choose a wedding photographer for your marriage ceremony.

  • A professional and reputed wedding photographer should have a permanent location for conducting the photography business. In that case, do not just get satisfied by the website but make sure to enough digging to find his location and if possible do visit the place for better assurance. The reason is that you would never want some stranger photographer to cover wedding ceremony.

  • Before you are hiring a wedding photographer it is necessary to make sure that they or the person will be there with you in every important event of the wedding. Furthermore, the person should help you in planning different events as well as he or she must there at the event before anybody else.

  • This might sound strange yet it is true that every photographer is not of the same quality. There are even photographers

How To Digital Photography Technical

Choosing Camera

The most relevant question that users have is what kind of camera they should choose. Camera users are categorized into three main categories: amateurs, hobbyists and professionals, and knowing in which category you are can help you identify what features might be important, and what type of camera would suits  your needs. Do you want to just take a few pictures of family and friends, capture your vacation memories, or produce shots of nature and landscapes to prepare a portfolio? Also think about how much quality you are ready to trade away for portability, as cameras can range from large and bulky professional quality SLR cameras (Single Lens Reflex) to small ultra-portable cameras, and some of the cameras may not even have a flash. You may be in any one of the above said category and Indian Institute of (IIP), online school of Photography guides you in knowing more about camera selection though their Online Photography courses with hands-on experience.

Camera categories

Cameras are typically divided into groups: ultra-compact, compact, prosumer or hobbyist, and digital SLR, and most manufacturers bring out units in several categories to capture more of the market. On

Tricks Photo Portrait

Razor-sharp optics is great? Unless, that is, you’re photographing the love of your life. In those instances, you might want to borrow her pantyhose.

A flattering portrait is often praised for its soft lighting, good angle, and natural expression. You’ll rarely hear a subject rave about a picture that highlights her pores, wrinkles, and blemishes. Sometimes, modern camera lenses can be too sharp! A popular solution for photographers used by pros is what known as a softening or diffusion filters. Simply put, these accessories attach to the front of the camera lens and downplay the appearance of texture on the face. The wrinkles don’t go away; you simply don’t notice them as much.

These specialized filters can cost as much as US$200 and are difficult to find for less than US$20. Plus, if you use a variety of lenses for your portrait photography, you might have to buy more than one filter to fit the different lens diameters. That’s fine if you shoot portraits for a living. But what if you just want to take a nice shot of your sweetie?

Ask her for her pantyhose.

That’s right, by stretching a piece of light beige pantyhose over

tips take good photos

In the industry of photography, there are many ways to take better photos. All you need are some tips to help you to utilize your camera fully. As in filtering constructive advice and improving your photo quality and reputation. Such as what I am about to reveal below.

1. Take Your Photo Shots Quickly

Because if you don’t, you tend to increases the odds of something moving, changing or even in other ways ruining your perfect plan. It will be better if you can take photo shots quickly.

To enhance the quality of your photographs, try experimenting with the shutter speed on your own camera under various different shooting conditions. You can capture moments that happen in the blip or blur larger cycles together.

Lighting quick shutter speeds are ideal for sports shots with many different action, while slow shutter speeds are nice for landscapes without having a lot of movement.

2. Do Not Worry About Photography Rules

Do not be worried to break some photography rules together with your camera. A great photograph needs to be not only appealing but also needs to showcase your own style.

Avoid the elegant design and style of photos you probably seen through